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Blown Kiteboarding Rashguard

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Be the first on your kite block to glow on the water! We have two extremely bright colors that actually seem to glow in the dark. Perfect for being spotted on the water. Quick to dry after you are out of the water and comfy to wear while you are in it! Get your Blown water B-shirt today!

Many people ask what the difference between a t-shirt and the Blown B-shirt is? The answer is as complex as the question. The Blown B-shirt is the representation of a lifestyle. A lifestyle that says I am going to pursue the adventure in life no matter what is thrown my way. I am going to take this life I was given and I am going to make it into something I truly enjoy. I am going to seek, I am going to explore and I am going to find what makes me happy. Even though I know people are going to try to get me to wear a regular t-shirt, its still my choice to wear what I believe in. It’s my choice whether I wear the B-shirt or not, but I choose to live my life. I choose to wear the Blown B and we hope that you will see how it has set us free. Wear the B and B Free!

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