Emerald Isle Kitesurfing Downwinder

Emerald Isle Kitesurfing Downwinder

We ended January in the most epic of ways, a downwinder from Coast Guard Point in Emerald Isle. We headed east down the island for 8 miles, taking in the beautiful coastline that we call our home. There was hardly a soul on the beach; it looked like an uninhabited island. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was “nuking” out of the southwest. This day was a day that you dream about.

I’ve been kitesurfing for over a decade now and I am still just as excited about the sport as I was from day 1, maybe even more. I often tell people that every day that I go kitesurfing, that day is the best day of my life. That statement is meant to be a slight exaggeration, but it’s honestly not too far from the truth. I don’t say that to take anything away from the people that surround me, the fact that I have this connection in my life enhances who I am as a person, but I digress from the story at hand.

I was going to meet Brian at the point at 2:15. When I pulled in the parking lot, some other kiters pulled in as well. Brian showed up and we all piled into Kenny’s truck. We got out on the beach to see sand blasting across the large expanse of “The Point.” As you look out, you see the Bogue Inlet meet the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean was churned up and looked inviting to my eyes. The current wind speed was around 30mph. Perfect for an advanced kitesurfer. We all piled out of the truck and started setting up our gear. It only took me a matter of minutes and my kite was in the air, it was game on. I turned my WOO device on to track the elevation of my jumps, and headed out in the ocean.

Once I was out in the water I was immediately placed in the space that kitesurfing provides. It is a space where you can go mentally where all of your worries, all of your problems, they all just seem to fade away. You focus on that moment and you are connected to this force that is pulling you aggressively, you resist against it and that gives you speed. While you are doing this, you look out over the ocean and you watch the towering blocks of water move at you. You make the decision if you are going to move over them, or turn and run away. We, who experience this often, are comfortable with a 10ft towering wave. We understand it and even welcome the amazing experience of seeing the power that is behind it.

Brian and I set out on our 8-mile journey and we did it by flying through the air. To set up a jump, I would move out in the ocean and look for a wave that was forming into a perfect ramp. Once spotted, my heart would start to quicken in pace. I’d race up the face and throw the kite over my head, which would propel me upward into the air. Before you jump you can hear all of these things, the wind at your back, the water at your feet, but when you leave the water it all seems to go silent for a moment. You are hurtled into this peaceful silent space where you can look around in amazement. Coming down you can see the water moving and you spot your landing. Sometimes you happen to land on the face of a big wave. You race down the wave and it feels so absolutely amazing that you start to laugh. You laugh like you are a maniac, but you are just a person enjoying their life to the absolute fullest.

What I speak of is something that anyone who is fully into the sport of kitesurfing has experienced. They may not go out into these advanced conditions, but they still experience the connection, the feel of the pull and the release of stress. I truly believe that kitesurfing is an avenue for a life with less stress and more joy. I am happy to be in a position to share this passion with so many people all over the Unites States. If my words have grabbed your attention and you think you may want to experience this, I can assure you that this path can lead to something you will cherish for a lifetime. Just to put things into perspective, the conditions I described above would be considered double black diamond on a ski hill. We start you off on the green runs. Feel free to send us an email with any questions. We look forward to sharing this awesome sport with you!

Michael Schrems


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