Locations Wind Description Map & wind
Freemand Park, Carolina Beach N, NE, S, SW Great spot. Large sandy beach. Require a 4×4 vehicle.
North Masonboro Island NE Boat access required.
Oak Island SW, W You can kite basically anywhere but we like to go to the very west end of the beach. Large sandy beach.
Rich Inlet You need a boat to access this spot.
Wrightsville Beach Shell Island NE Located at public beach access #2. Large sandy beach.
Wrightsville Beach South End SE Beach access #41-42. Great spot for experienced riders (Due to Wrightsville Beach township’s regulation, you must be an experienced rider).
Wrightsville Beach Coast Guard Station N, SW, W Located at sound side of south end. Due to very strong current, it is not recommended for beginners.
The Basin, Fort Fisher Recreational Area S, SW, W, NW Wind funnels past Cape Fear and up the river creating higher winds than surrounding areas.

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