Ticket to Ride Rules:

We are excited that you would like to experience our awesome location. Over the years, we have had a few complications with people coming out and not following our limited rules. We would like to continue to offer this service, but we ask you to be mindful of a few things that we will outline for you. Our only aim is to keep people safe while we all have an epic experience. We want to share the kite stoke, but we want to make sure we do that safely.

Please follow these three rules:

1) Do not go downwind of our designated area. Read details below. **

2) Please be aware of our students learning. We want to maximize their opportunity for success. If you can give them a wide berth and room for error, this will allow them to focus more on themselves instead of other kites. We have a huge kiting playground, utilize the space, and enjoy!

3) If you are not yet consistently riding up wind, please stay on the south side of the island. There are a lot of different hazards on the north side, which include boat traffic from the Inter Coastal waterway and Docks from the homes on the shoreline. The south side has no boat traffic and no docks!

** We have miles of shallow water at our disposal. However, there is a spot where it drops off about 500 yards downwind of our teaching location. Once you are beyond this point, you can rarely get back up-wind. This means we have to stop a lesson to rescue someone. We will show you a landmark and if you get downwind of this, we ask you to get out and walk back up-wind. To the west of our teaching location the water is shallow for miles, so you can go as far up-wind as you would like. If we have to stop a lesson to rescue anyone, we will subtract that amount from the lesson and you will be charged a fee for the rescue. We have had to implement this to be fair to the people who lost time during their lesson.

Thank you for understanding the importance of keeping everyone safe. We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!