HQ Rush IV Pro 300 Trainer Kite – 3 Meter

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Product Description

HQ Rush IV Pro 300 Trainer Kite – 3 Meter

The HQ Rush IV Pro R2F is the top of the line for trainer kites. This well built and incredibly durable trainer kite has everything from reinforced profiles to sewn bridles. The Rush IV Pro is designed and built to take the abuse that the learning pilot is going to put it through. The third line acts as both a reverse re-launcher and a safety line. The new design makes the kite fly well in a wide range of wind conditions ranging from very light winds of 4 miles per hour up to strong winds in the 21 to 29 mile per hour range.

The third line is what makes the HQ Rush IV Pro kite unique.  With the included leash strapped to the pilots wrist, when the winds get to rough or when the kite needs to land, just let go of the bar and the kite comes gently to the ground.


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