2015 MHL Custom Lift Foil Board


Product Description

Please email us with any questions about the MHL Custom lift foil. We understand that it is a large purchase and we would be happy to talk to you about the learning curve, and what is right for you. Just like the name says, these are custom built, so you can have some input on design and color, but anything too wild will add to the cost a bit. Below is more information from MHL.

The hydrofoil has become one of the most sophisticated forms of gliding through the water. The feeling of lifting onto a winged surface and riding in three dimensions unlocks new experiences and sensations that one is unable to achieve on traditional boards. Imagine the feeling of flying over the surface of the water with a direct connection to the conditions below. Experience a drastic reduction in drag and complete silence as you lift your board off the water and fly. It’s as if kitesurfing meets deep powder snowboarding.

The hydrofoil offers a new feeling to the sport of kitesurfing and opens the sport to a much larger range of conditions. If you can keep a kite in the air, you can go out and ride. The dramatic increase in efficiency from a traditional board to a hydrofoil allows you to explore new areas and sensations. Sailing upwind and downwind is effortless, which allows the rider an unlimited sailing area.

MHL Custom Lift foils represent years of design and tuning in order to create the optimal ride. Our goal has been to maximize control and stability while increasing the potential for speed. In the process, we have developed a range of designs to suite any riders needs, whether you are new to the sport or looking for the next thrill.

A hydrofoil experiences great loads while being ridden, and for this reason, construction is critical. Our process and construction includes the latest technology and materials in the composite industry. We spare nothing in order to ensure that our foils have the proper strength, weight and deflection characteristics.

MHL Custom Foil Board

MHL Custom from MHL Custom on Vimeo.