Why Choose Blown Kiteboarding?

There are a lot of choices in North Carolina for kiteboarding lessons, why should you choose Blown Kiteboarding? We will shed some light on the benefits we offer locally and also why we are your choice Nationally.

Let us start by introducing our teaching location. Picture an area where there is literally no boat traffic because the water depth is to shallow to navigate. Imagine water stretching across from the Mainland to the Island for 2 miles. Looking to the West, you will be comforted to know that no matter where you are at you can put your feet down and stand up. This stretches on for four miles. The water depth will change with tide levels, but typically you will always be in waist deep water.

There are many benefits in having a teaching location such as this, we use every one of them. First, you will never fly a kite on land. We are able to progress you faster because you can immediately get in the water to fly the kite. This makes our location hands down the safest in the area. The kites can produce a lot of power and if you over steer the kite, its better to splash in water, then to hit the beach.

We emphasize and reemphasize safety in everything that we do. We start every complete beginner lesson with learning how to operate the safety system. This is paramount to your safe progression in the sport. We end every lesson with a self rescue in the water. Our self rescue motto is, “Be proficient at self rescue, its never a good to practice in an emergency.”

We stay current with all of the latest teaching theory through the International Kiteboarding Organization. The sport of kiteboarding is continually changing and evolving. This means the teaching theory is also changing and evolving. As a professional school it is our commitment to our students that we stay up to date on the evolution of kitesurfing and all current teaching methods.

We regularly analyze and assess our teaching program to be of maximum benefit to our customers. In 2011 we added a helmet radio communication system. This gives a huge advantage to our students compared to the shouting or hand signal method. We are able to communicate directly to our students while on the water. This makes it possible to make adjustments on the fly, rather then find out what went wrong after they have already fallen.

The last thing we want to talk to you about is our experience. Collectively we have far more teaching experience then anyone in the Crystal Coast area. We do hundreds of lessons each season which keeps us proficient in evaluating our students form. Its not just a good kiteboarder that makes a good coach, it’s the ability to break down and evaluate each students ability level. Each person comes at this sport with prior experiences. The key to success in kiteboarding independence is using those experiences and converting them into assets for your future in this amazing sport.

Feel free to contact us with further questions by calling 252.269.9843 or email us at info@blownkiteboarding.com Thank you for investigating Blown Kiteboarding!