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Jockey Ridge State Park Beach (Roanoke Sound) S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW If you are staying in Nags Head vs down the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, this spot is good because it is close. The spot is located right behind the giant sand dunes of Rocky Ridge. The park is open from 0700 to 1900 during the summer months.
There is a designated Kiteboard/Windsurfing launch location marked with a sign. The beach is skinny so a water launch may be required but the bottom is sandy and the water is waist to chest deep 50 to 100 meters out.
It offers a less crowded beach to set up on and no shore break to contend with
Nags Head (Ocean) NE Small Waves
Windmill (Sound) SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW Shallow waters never more than waist to chest deep, perfect for downwinders from Pleasure Island (private island). You can also do the incredible 3 mile downwinder from the kitebeach to Jocky’s Ridge State Park. Smooth waters with very little chop help advance beginners at warp speed. There are three islands just off the shore that are great fun to sail around and over some incredible slicks for super glassy water riding even in higher winds. Most suited for beginners with wide expansive launching beach stretching several hundred feet. The beach is sand and short groomed grass.

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