North Carolina Kitesurfing Lessons

North Carolina Kitesurfing Lessons –

North Carolina has some of the best kitesurfing lesson areas in the United States, how do you know what location to choose? Many people around the U.S. call North Carolina the “Crutch,” because of all of the shallow water locations. Our location is one of the best spots in NC. Shallow water for miles with minimal distractions and a lesson program that is tailored to each individual. I have given my entire life and every ounce of passion that I have into making each lesson a step in the right direction at progression and safety.

2020 marks our 10th year in business! My name is Michael Schrems, I’m the owner. In our 10 years of business I have taken part in a majority of every lesson that we have done. I am not doing this to get rich, I can assure you there are many challenges in running a business that is dependent on the weather and wind. Speaking of which, if there is no wind, it is our policy that we do not keep your money. When I look at operating my business, I always ask myself, what would I want? This question is always at the forefront of my mind in every situation.

We have the same basic format for each lesson that we do. If you have never taken a lesson before, we start on the beach. We teach you how to set up the kite and how to use the safety system. After you have a good understanding of the safety system, we spend the rest of the lesson out in the water. The great part about our location is we never have to teach you how to fly a kite on land, we can go stand in waist deep water. Having this asset, we have developed an accelerated lesson program to advance you quickly and safely.

One of the most common questions asked before a first lesson is, how many lessons will it take me to learn? It takes roughly 3-6 lessons to become fairly proficient. This however is highly variable person to person. I consider someone proficient when they can do the following things on their own:

  1. Use the safety system, perform a self-rescue
  2. Know where to stand in the window to launch and land the kite safely
  3. Body drag back to your board after you have fallen off
  4. Leave the beach and come back to the same spot

The list above is a starting point for independence. Sometimes people leave lessons prior to riding up-wind, but usually people continue until they achieve that benchmark in their progression. With the use of our helmet radio system we can help you get there faster. Each session you will find our coaches are patient and encouraging throughout your experience. We appreciate our position as your guide into a new realm of living, we take it very seriously. Kitesurfing is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that helps you shed the pressure of every-day living. Come on out and find out why we live this way every day!


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