Kitesurfing North Carolina

Kitesurfing North Carolina – On June 3rd of 2014, I was contacted by a friend of mine. He asked if I wanted to get out in the Atlantic Ocean to do a down-winder. When posed with this question and no afternoon obligations, there is only one possible answer, YES! I answered his text from our teaching location in the Bogue Sound. Chris, the person I was out in the Sound with, had not been on an ocean down-winder. He was not to certain he wanted to, but I was certain he did. Three newbies in total, and I was to lead this parade of kites eight miles down the beach.

The group that arrived at Blown Kiteboarding was driving a huge sprinter van. The contents of the van contained kite gear and of course, Derek, his Cousin Cameron, and Camerons wife, Mikayla. After convincing Chris that he could handle the conditions, he decided to join us as well. Four of us set out to overtake the Atlantic Ocean with the passion that drives each kitesurfer to peruse the adventure of life. Mikayla was gracious enough to drop us off at Bogue Inlet Pier, in Emerald Isle, NC. We walked East of the Pier to get away from all of the people and have a clear set up area. As we were setting up I noticed a guy kiting just to the West of the Pier, it was someone I knew, so I flagged him down in hopes that he would join us. Ben came around the pier and was so excited that his words all seemed to merge as one. What I gathered he was saying was yes, he would love to join us.

After getting everything rigged and ready, I gave the guys a pep talk on what to expect. I let them know that no one would be left on their own, we were all in it together and it’s a waterman’s rule to not leave someone stranded. This is something that we of Blown Kiteboarding feel strong about. Although kiteboarding is an individual sport, those who partake in it, look after one another. It’s a bond that was created out of the early trials of the sport and has been carried on up to the present, thankfully.

I got everyone’s kites launched and in the air. I waited on the beach until everyone was in the surf and on their way. Chris was the last one in and I could tell he had a bit of nerves going. After a few false starts he got up and going past the break. The waves were somewhere in the waist high range and building as we progressed down the beach. The first thing I noticed when we got out in the ocean was that no one was progressing downwind. When your goal is to head a distance of eight miles and you have to arrive before dark, it’s pretty important to get right at it. The guys were not used to intentionally going downwind, because you spend your entire introduction to the sport fighting to go upwind.

After a while and enough aggressive flailing and waving of my arms, the guys got the point and started moving down the beach. We moved as a pack, moving harmoniously through the surf, hooting and hollering at one another each time we passed. The onlookers from the beach just stared at us lustfully wishing they were in our shoes, or should I say, foot-straps. If only they knew, they easily could be with a couple of kitesurfing lessons. We progressed on through the surf, the guys getting some jumps off of the waves, while I focused on getting the maximum height on my front roll. Such a cool experience to launch off of the back of a wave, flip forward in the air and then land down the face of it. I did this the entire trip down the beach.

While we were out there in the moment, we got to witness the sun starting to set in front of us. It was a burning and searing hot red ball, falling deep into the earth, scorching its way through the misty haze of clouds. We stared at it until our vision was spotty and the beauty of it all started to overwhelm us. We were delivered to a place of impunity, a place that is impregnable from anything negative, a place called kitesurfing! We finally reached our destination and packed up our gear. We hopped into the sprinter van with an experience that will remain in our hearts and minds for a lifetime.

If you are reading this and longing for an experience like the one described here, we would love the opportunity to be your guide into what you may have thought was not possible. We will make it possible; we say that not with an air of ego, but with humility, and a sincere desire to show you something wonderful. Feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, enjoy the adventure!

Michael Schrems
Owner of Blown Kiteboarding

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