Kitesurfing to freedom

Kitesurfing to freedom –

In today’s world, we move through our lives in a state of distraction. Technology has made it hard to concentrate on any one thing. Our minds are scattered and we are often assaulted with images around the globe that are disturbing. This is enough to overwhelm even the strongest of people. If you pair that with the normal pressures of work and family, its no wonder many people are on the brink of losing it. I have a solution to the pressures of the world, it can be answered in just one word. Although it has multiple names, this one word is kitesurfing. Instead of losing it, you can get lost in it.

When I am kitesurfing everything makes sense to me. The “outside chatter” stops and I am able to focus my mind and energy. I am connected to the moment and the world around me is not so loud. It’s not screaming at me to do this, or to do that. Those pressures fall away and I experience this powerful freedom. Those who are part of the sport may not be able to put it in words, but invariably have felt this feeling. They are driven to experience this freedom and it inspires them to change, to allow themselves to truly live. They start to see and experience things differently. It allows you to let go and embrace something entirely new and exciting.

When you are first learning the sport, the kite seems otherworldly. It’s hard to understand and predict. It seems somewhat awkward and hard to control. You want it to do this and it does that. You try to convince it and it wont respond. After some time, it starts to listen. You start to become connected with the kite and it becomes an extension of you. You start to feel the power that pulls you and you respond to that power with the proper movements. It becomes fluid and you move in harmony together. You don’t necessarily convince it to do what you want it to do; you work together and accomplish feats in unison. You are completely connected and it feels amazing. Rushing across the water you feel the excitement of life flowing through you. The wind is at your back, the sunshine on your face, and the water at your feet is all a part of why you are free.

It is in these moments that you realize that you are completely in the present. You have not been stuck in the past, and you are not focused on the future, you are in the very moment. You then realize what a gift it is to be in a position to experience such a harmony with your surroundings. It is a gift to be able to let go of all things of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Kitesurfing allows you the freedom to live in your own fantasy world, but it’s a reality. If you have been longing to experience some sort of change in your life and have not experienced what I have just described, please email us at for more information. Don’t procrastinate any longer, get into the sport that is changing lives for the better, get into kitesurfing!


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