Kitesurfing Emerald Isle

Kitesurfing Emerald Isle –

For every other person in the Crystal Coast area, it was just a normal Tuesday in late November; for us kitesurfers, it was a special day. It wasn’t too different from any other day apart from the forecast. We had warm southerly wind and relatively warm water. A key aspect of kitesurfing is it can take a mundane Tuesday afternoon and transform it into a great day. I have often told people that everyday I get the opportunity to go kitesurfing, that day is the best day of my life. It may be slightly exaggerated, but it is pretty close to the truth.

You don’t worry about things in your life while you are on the water. You are just in the moment feeling the elements around you. You are connecting with the beauty of the world and leave the negativity on land, in the spot where you first launched your kite. From that moment, you are in it! Many things in the sport are ritualistic. As soon as you start to set up the kite, you are getting into the mode of letting all worldly things go and getting into kitesurfing mode. You methodically set up the kite and anticipate getting into the water. You enter a place where your mind shuts out worries and turns on the excitement of living in the moment.

It truly seems like a dream to be a part of this amazing and growing sport. If you have ever experienced that longing for something else in your life, that feeling that you are missing something that you cannot quite put your finger on, it may be connecting with the elements around you. What you may be missing is the interconnectedness that people have to nature. Kitesurfing could be the avenue for you to form that connection. We would like to be the catalyst in binding that connection between you, nature and the wonderful world of kitesurfing. Reach out to us by shooting us an email at We look forward to hearing form you.


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