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What is the difference between Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing?

Many people are into the sport of kiteboarding and kitesurfing. Most people use one of the former two words to define this awesome sport that connects you with so many of natures elements. What is the correct use of the word for the application in which you are using it on the water? We are going to explore that just a little bit.

First of all we should explain who we are and why we think we know anything about either. We are Blown Kiteboarding, a Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing School that teaches in the Atlantic Beach – Emerald Isle, NC area. Most of the lessons we teach are kiteboarding, but we do teach some kitesurfing lessons for those looking to get into that side of the sport.

The sport of kiteboarding is presently the larger of the two. The main reason for that is it’s much easier to learn how to ride with your heals in the water then jibing, or learning to ride toe-side. People most often purchase a twin-tip board to start their progression and after getting proficient on that, move into the sport of kitesurfing.

So what is kitesurfing? Its pretty simple really, its kiting with a surfboard. Many people who go out for a surf session get in on a downwinder so they can focus more on riding the board, then staying upwind. It is just one more element that encompasses this whole sport of awesomeness. The sensation of kitesurfing is quite different then kiteboarding. For those of you who want to get into the sport we encourage you to start kiteboarding first, then move into the surf.

Whether its the aerial tricks, or seeing someone power into the face of a wave that has gotten your attention, now that your attention is gotten, you got to get on it and get it! Are you following along? We almost lost ourselves on that little statement there, but we made it through to reaffirm that you should not waste another moment on land. Get into the water and find out what you already knew, kiteboarding & kitesurfing was meant for you!

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