Kiteboarding Trips and Events –

Having the benefit of writing this while on a kiteboarding vacation in Grand Cayman Island helps lend perspective to what a kiteboarding vacation encompasses. Kiteboarding is all about individual freedom, but uniquely done in a group setting. The best way to become part of a group is getting involved in an organized kiteboarding trip.

We try to plan several trips a season to help expand each kiteboarder’s maximum kiteboarding progression potential. We have found that once you are up and going, it is of benefit to participate in group vacations which will aid in your further advancement of the sport and overall happiness.

There are many companies to choose from when making a decision on who to trust with setting up your accommodations and planning a great kiteboarding vacation. We cannot speak on behalf of anyone but ourselves. What we offer you is friendship, fellowship, and inspiration in the sport that we live and breathe. We do this by showing it through our actions more than our words.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on our latest kiteboarding vacation destination please do not hesitate to email us for details. All of our kiteboarding vacations are planned for the months of October through March. If this coincides with your off season then email us at for more information. We look forward in helping to expand your kiteboarding reach around the world.



  • 1 Person$300
  • 2 People$425
  • 3 People$575