Kiteboarding Road Trip

Kiteboarding Road Trip –

It’s a crazy thing to have no plans to do something, then just take off, and go. Spontaneity has not necessarily always been my thing, but I have been learning about experiencing life in a different way for the last decade. You envision where you think your life will be at certain points, and for me it seems like it’s always different than what I anticipate. Life keeps leading the way and I keep making plans around it, but I digress.

I jumped in the van with only one plan, head to South Florida to experience some ocean therapy with friends. One thing that I love about the life that I live is the connections to people around the country I have made. We all seek out the connection to the ocean and our surroundings. We seek out a connection to each other and we experience the excitement of living life with as much fervor as possible. That freedom leads us to places that we normally would not go if we had no driving force. Today I am grateful that I had the opportunity to discover kiteboarding and the wonderful world it envelops. It is part of the driving force within me.

While I was in the Keys, surrounded by people that I know, and people that I just met, I kept on looking around in wonder. I looked at the turquoise water in amazement with the thought that we are surrounded with such beauty. I wondered why people did not seek this out in their lives more often. Kiteboarding is an avenue to make meaningful connections to your surroundings and to people. By utilizing this avenue, people experience so much lasting happiness in their lives. It drives them to seek out different places around the globe that they normally would not seek.

I experienced this surreal feeling for several days in a row. I kept looking around at all of the beauty that surrounded me and was thinking that it wasn’t real, it couldn’t be, but it was. It was very real. I am sure that everyone experiences this sensation at some point, where they can take time and just look around in amazement. The word that kept coming into my mind was tranquility. To me, it seemed so natural and so peaceful. I thought I would share a little piece of what I was thinking about because its important to me that people are able to find this type of freedom. The greatest gift I can give to anyone is to share the gift that was given to me. Use the power of your surroundings to find your inner release. Find kiteboarding!


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