Kiteboarding Lessons Emerald Isle, NC

Discounted kiteboarding Lessons for the month of April

We are offering discounted kiteboarding lessons for the month of April. Our lesson discounts are for one, two and three person lessons. The water temperature has just passed the 60-degree mark, so a wetsuit is a must. We do have a few available to use, but please check with us on size before your lesson. We are located in the Emerald Isle, NC area. We boast the best location on the Crystal Coast. Picture flat shallow water that stretches on for miles. There is literally no boat traffic to contend with, or other people for that matter. You wont have to worry about tons of kites taking away from your focus.

We shuttle you out in the Blowntoon, which is our kite toting water chariot. Once we arrive at Blown Island your lesson time will begin. If you have no experience with kiteboarding and have never had a lesson, we start with kite set up and safety procedures. If you have had lessons before, we will not waste your valuable lesson time going through things you don’t need to know. We will quiz you on your knowledge and start at an advantageous point for you. Regardless of your skill level, we always end with a self-rescue in the water. It is our motto that “its never a good time to practice self rescue in an emergency”, be proficient!

Here are a few Kiteboarding Lesson FAQ’s

How long does the lesson last? All of our lessons last 3 hours

Do I need any experience? Most likely, you probably already have some experience that will apply to this sport. Whether it’s flying a kite, or wakeboarding, these things will be an advantage for your entrance into the sport. We do highly recommend taking some time to practice with a trainer kite before your lesson, but if you have absolutely no experience that is fine too!

What do I need to bring? Please bring sunscreen, snack, and a smile. If it is the cold-water season, you will need to bring a wetsuit.

Do I need a lot of upper body strength? The easy answer to that question is no. Kiteboarding is not a muscle sport; it’s a finesse sport.

Is all the gear provided during the lesson? We provide everything from head to toe for getting into the water, except for a wetsuit. We also provide the kites and boards. If you have your own gear that you already purchased, we can teach you on that, but recommend taking a lesson before buying gear.

How much is a kiteboarding lesson?
1 Person lesson regularly $250 for the month of April $225
2 Person lesson regularly $375 for the month of April $300
3 Person lesson regularly $525 for the month of April $400

Please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!


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