If you are a competent kiteboarder, you may be looking to increase your time on the water. There is no doubt that the addition of the hydrofoil has increased the light wind side of riding. We were amazed at how light of wind you can get out in and still have fun. It is possible to get out with winds as light as 7 knots with a big kite and a foilboard.

The light wind aspect of foilboarding has created a new market for the sport. People who are advanced at kiteboarding cannot necessarily just cross over to riding a foil. Having kite skills before attempting to ride a foil is imperative to getting up and going, but instruction may be necessary to master this part of the sport safely. We have developed a program to lessen the intense high-speed falls, by increasing your board awareness with an outside perspective. We utilize our helmet radio system to communicate the crucial information while you are up on the board.

Our instruction starts with a beach overview of the foil and how to properly pop up and get going on the water. We will run through a few drills on the beach to make sure you are putting your weight in the correct place. Running through these drills and setting the muscle memory before having a foil under you will help to mitigate some of the falls. Proper weight placement is 100% of riding a foil. People find out quickly how touchy it is once you get up and ride it for a short distance. It starts out feeling like a bucking bronco, but in time, feels like you are just floating on air.

Once you are properly getting up over-top of the board, we will attach the foil and show you how to body drag out. Once out in the water you will then start attempting to ride the foil with our step-by-step instruction. We will have constant communication with you while you are on the water with our helmet radios. Using our instruction will drastically reduce the learning curve and get you up riding safely.

Book your foil boarding lesson today by calling 252-269-9843. The lesson cost is $125 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. We look forward to leading you into this amazing aspect of an already spectacular sport. If you are good at math, you can see that foilboarding is amazingly spectacular!



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