What to expect during a first kiteboarding lesson. We are able to adapt our lesson program depending on your level of experience. A complete beginner lesson starts off with determining wind direction. Once wind direction is established we move to a trainer kite. We teach you how to properly steer and control the kite in the wind window. Once we are done with the trainer kite we move on to LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable) kite setup. We teach you how to properly rig the kite for different wind conditions. After the kite is properly rigged, we run through safety drills, releasing procedures, and self rescue, which as stated earlier is the most important part of kiteboarding.

Once you are competent and confident in how to operate all safety systems, we are then ready to fly the power kite. We take the kite out to our shallow water location. You will learn how to transition the wind window flying the kite from one side of the window to the other. You will then start flying in each side of the window one handed, which prepares you for what is known as body drag tack.

After you have learned how to transition the wind window, we move to water relaunch. Dropping the kite in the water on each side of the window learning the proper technique on how to relaunch the kite. From there we move on to Body drag tack. This is where you use the kite with your body to hold your position in the water. The purpose of doing this is to get back to your board in deep water after you have fallen off of it. This is an indispensable technique.

After you have learned body drag tack, we move on to the power stroke. This is what you do to harness the power, which gets you up and out of the water on a board. We work with you on diving the kite on each side of the window coaching you on how to get the right amount of power into the kite. From that point we introduce the board and practice water starts with the board.

This whole process is an accelerated learning program. We never move past a point if someone gets hung up in a certain area due to safety reasons. Most people make it through the entire program in one lesson, but there are occasions where it does not happen. We make certain that everyone is safe and having a lot of fun. You will not become a proficient kiteboarder after one lesson, but you will get a real taste of what this sport is in a short amount of time.


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