Emerald Isle NC Stand Up Paddleboarding

Imagine yourself with a host of friends and family Stand Up paddleboarding through a beautiful creek just off of the Bogue Sound. Located right on Broad Creek, we are just a short distance from Emerald Isle, NC. Take the drive over the bridge to find a hidden paradise.

If the conditions are right and it suits you and your crew, you can paddle the SUP’s out into the Bogue Sound. While out in the sound you will experience a lot of different types of wildlife. Pelicans flying all around, or sitting on the sand spit islands along the ICW. Something you may also encounter while on the Bogue Sound are Pods of Dolphins heading down the Intercostal Waterway.

If it happens to be windy on that day, you can head down the creek for a sheltered paddle through a wooded area. This paddle must be at mid to high tide, so please inform us that you would like to take the nature paddle, and we will schedule you at the proper time. This paddle is quite unique for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It is a bending, twisting, turning creek that is narrow and secluded. Plenty of wildlife to be seen and peace to be experienced.

Head on out to the Blown Kiteboarding Stand Up Paddleboarding grounds and experience something unique, experience something new, and add some memories that will not be forgotten on this years vacation. Some of the best experiences on your Emerald Isle vacation await you in the Creek. We look forward to hearing from you. Please direct any questions to info@blownkiteboarding.com. You can book online now by clicking here.


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