Emerald Isle Kitesurfing

On a warm day in January a group of us set out to do some kitesurfing in Emerald Isle, NC. Storms were on the way in the afternoon so we set out to arrive at the beach by 10am. It was forecasted to blow 20 to 30mph, which got all of our blood pumping.

We arrived at Coast Guard Point to find that you couldn’t see the end of your vehicle. Sea-fog had settled on the beach to the point that you could feel it choking you. We drove our trucks until we were near the Ocean and waited for the fog to clear. While we were waiting, we checked our smart phones to see if the weather person knew what was going on, turns out it was sunny and clear. Our eyes must have been deceiving us!

By 11am a band of heavy rain had come over us and we were getting worried that our day was over. After doing one more weather check it appeared that it was going to clear up, which it did. The fog started to dissipate, while the breeze started build. It was time to set up our kites and get on the water.

Set up is a ritual that gets you in the kitesurfing zone. Pumping the air in your kite, laying out your lines and making sure everything is set to go. Many people do not enjoy this aspect, but I love it. While I am setting up, I am able to survey what is going on around me. This prepares me to have a safe and enjoyable time.

My kite was rigged and ready to go, it was time for a launch. Giving a thumbs up to the person holding my kite, I grabbed my board and ran for the water. After seven years of doing this, I am still just as excited as the first day. Throwing the board down on the water, stepping on while simultaneously diving my kite, I was off into the oceanic playground.

Kitesurfing is a majestic sport that transforms you; it takes you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. We ended up staying and playing all day. The storms never showed up, but we sure did. We were hooting, hollering and otherwise having the time of our lives. This is what its all about!

You would never think a wind-sport could change you, but it does. You start to become more aware of the environment. You are more aware of things going on around you because you are tapped into something amazing. Any problem you are struggling with, any situation that is getting you down can be reconciled on the water.

Don’t just think of it as a sport, think of it as a lifestyle. It is one that you want to be a part of, one that you want to take part in. We can guide you and get you on your way to experiencing the rush, the thrill, and the inward liberation of that which was you, to that which is you, the kitesurfer. You can direct any questions you may have about this sport by emailing us at info@blownkiteboarding.com

We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, be safe, real, and true to you!

Michael Schrems
Owner of Blown Kiteboarding

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