Emerald Isle Kiteboarding Lessons

Emerald Isle Kiteboarding Lessons-

The 2016 season has begun and we are now teaching lessons. We have had some great lessons to start the season with fast progression using our helmet radio system. We can get you the results you are after by using constant communication while you are on the go. While using the helmet radio system we can make corrections while things are happening instead of telling you what went wrong after it went wrong. We have found this type of instruction increases progression immensely.

We also boast one of the best teaching locations in North Carolina. Our location is not crowded with other kites and is shallow for miles. We shuttle you out to an area where there is literally no boat traffic because it is too shallow to navigate. You will see a couple of local fisherman occasionally, but that is it. We are also not overcrowded with other kites. You will have the ability to focus your attention solely on your progression in the sport. Learning in an area with a lot of other kites can be a distraction so it’s great to get out to an area of solitude.

If you are looking for competent instruction at a great price, get ahold of us to schedule a lesson today. Feel free to check out some of our reviews online and then go to our booking page or call us to schedule a lesson. See you on the water!


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