Emerald Isle – Atlantic Beach, NC Kitesurfing

If you are looking for Kitesurfing lessons in Atlantic Beach – Emerald Isle, NC area then your long search is over, assuming of course you have been searching for a long time. Whether it has been a long search, or just a quick look on google, we assure you that we have the perfect training location to experience the awesome sport of kiteboarding.

We shuttle you out to our top secret teaching location in our pontoon which we lovingly call the Blowntoon. While we are heading out to our teaching location the ride is always full of laughter and excitement. Once we arrive at Blown Island you will find a comfortable setting where there is absolutely no boat traffic, or any other obstructions to take away from your concentration while learning to kitesurf on the water. This unique aspect of our location is highly desirable when learning this three dimensional sport. There are no other locations in the area that are quite like our location.

Once on the Island you will look out over the Bogue Sound where shallow flat water stretches out for miles. At mid, to low tide the water is waist deep all the way across the sound, extending West up the sound for 5 miles. Learning in a shallow water area such as this will cut the amount of kite lesson hours nearly in half.

Deep water training can become quite difficult in learning how to orient yourself in the water while executing certain techniques such as body drag tack, power stroke, and water starts. Many times we have people up and riding in one lesson due to our accelerated training program and our superb teaching location. If you are looking at getting into the amazing sport of kitesurfing, please email us for more information on our lesson program. If you are desiring gear, we can apply a portion of your lesson money towards the purchase of a new kitesurfing package.

We represent four major brands and can help you choose something that will work well for you. Having so many options to choose from it is hard to decide on something specific. We will cover all details with you and everything we use in our lessons we also sell. This way you can get familiar with something you would actually be using on your own. It is our desire to help our valued customers enjoy something that has truly inspired us to live our lives as we do, we hope you can find the same inspiration in a sport that is changing lives on a daily basis. We look forward to getting you on the water.

Blown Kiteboarding Team


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