We offer a variety of different kiteboarding lessons to try to suit each individual’s needs. For those of you who are starting to ride and don’t want to make the walk back up-wind, we offer a downwind lesson where we follow you through the sound in an inflatable boat. We have miles of flat and shallow water at our disposal. Our inflatable lets us use a larger area to help progress students who are getting up and riding short distances. If you have never taken a lesson, it’s probably better to start with our less expensive lesson option, and then consider this once you are riding a little.

The downwind lesson will put your mind at ease when you don’t have to think about your surroundings. If you get up and going you can just keep on moving while we are coaching you from our helmet radio system. We can easily see when you need to make adjustments in your stance, shift your weight, or make any number of adjustments while you are on the go. We have found that having this ability to make corrections while you are riding has increased progression exponentially. We offer this invaluable service in North Carolina, where few others have this type of direct communication from coach to student.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any of our lessons. We are happy to help you make an informed decision on what best suits your individual needs. If you feel you have all of the information you need you can book the lesson online by using our booking calendar. All downwind kiteboarding lessons are in 3-hour blocks of time. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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