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Bogue Banks (ocean) W, WSW, SW, SSW, S, SSE, SE The entire island from Fort Macon to Coast Guard point is kiter friendly except for the Circle in Atlantic Beach. This small area you need to stay 100 Meters from shore, but can come in on either side of the circle. The beach is much to crowded in this area to land a kite. Please stay to the East or West of that area.
Bomb Island Area (sound) E, ENE, NE, N, NNW, NW, WNW, W Set up from a boat with kites pre rigged. Cross the Bogue Sound Just East of Marker 29 at PVC pipe and head South across Bogue Sound towards one of the duck blinds. This area offers a flat water slick South of Bomb island on any North wind Direction. There are signs around the island indicating unexploded military ordinances, so stay well clear of the signs. They just recently mapped the entire area to look for explosives and marked it out so be aware. Great Shallow water riding spot.
Cape Lookout (sound) N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW Best place to ride is Lookout bight, or also known as the hook. You can ride on the back side of Shackleford Banks on a N, or NE wind direction which gives you perfectly flat water, or you can venture to the East out into the bight, between Shack, and the Cape Lookout Light House. There are many riding spots located up the coast of Cape Lookout National Seashore that are pretty unexplored. Lots of marsh areas that cut into the lsland which would make for some pretty unbelievable flat water riding.
Carrot Island (only accessible by boat) W, WSW, SW, SSW, S, SSE, SE To access the shoal you need to use the Beaufort wildlife ramp. Head East out of Taylors Creek and follow Carrot Island around to the South side. At mid to high tide there are some great shallow flat water spots on the Island. Be careful towards the West side of the island when the tide is flooding the current can get pretty strong making it difficult to stay up wind.
Cedar Island(sound) NNW, N, NNE, NE Follow HWY 70 East until it turns into HWY 12. Follow that all the way to the Cedar Island Ferry, just before you enter the ferry there is a gravel drive on the right. Take that all the way back to the beach. Cedar Island has the best NE wind in all of the OBX, Venturi Effect makes this possible. Miles of beach to ride with very few kiters. This relatively undiscovered riding spot has a lot of potential. Traveling East, there is a cut through the Island that you can head down wind and find butter flat water for miles. There are a lot of shallow spots everywhere so be careful.
Coast Guard Point (sound) W, WSW, SW, SSW, S, SSE, SE are optimal, NW, N, NNE work but are not Optimal Off season months you can buy a beach pass and drive out on the point if you have 4×4. In season months you have to make a half mile hike from the parking area to the end of the point. You can always drive to the point, drop your gear with someone to watch it, then go back and park in the parking area. This spot is very unique. At high to mid tide there is a tide pool on the North side of the beach that is butter flat. More than four kites can make this pool seem quite crowded. You can also go out into the inlet and kite between sand bars at low tide. Please be aware of it is an outgoing tide that the water will be moving swiftly out into the Atlantic Ocean and can also take you and your kite out of the inlet. Try to stay as far to the North as possible.
Emerald isle (ocean) NE, ENE, E, ESE, SE, SSE, S, SSW, SW, WSW, W Emerald Isle provides a variety of conditions from butter flat to 30 miles of roping beach break for downwinder heaven.
Shackleford banks- (Sound/Ocean) W, NW, N, NE Sound/W, SW, S, SE, E Ocean To access Shackleford banks you need to use the Beaufort wildlife ramp, or a Harkers Island Ramp. From Beaufort Wildlife ramp head East out of Taylors Creek then head South. Follow channel markers until you reach Shackleford banks. Once you have reached Shack proceed East passed the ferry dock. Be careful to watch tide level because there are shoals everywhere and it is easy to ground your boat. The mid point of the island is called wade shores. You can kite all over in this area finding little shoals to kite on the back side of to get that butter flat water. If you are looking for surf, then park your boat near Wade Shores and hike the short distance across the island to get an ocean session. Please note the acceptable wind directions for the Sound and for the Ocean.
Sand Dollar Shoal (only accessible by boat) W, WSW, SW, SSW, S, SSE, SE, NE, NW To access the shoal you need to use the Beaufort wildlife ramp. Head East out of Taylors Creek. Once you are out of the creek you will follow Carrot island to the South, then head West. Be extremely careful to watch the water depth because the sand is constantly shifting and you can easily ground your boat on a shoal. Keep going to the west until you are on the South side of Carrot Island. In the middle of the inlet a few hundred yards from Carrot Island you will find Sand Dollar Shoal where you can ride the best butter flat water anywhere.
Topsail Island / Surf City (ocean) S, SSW, SW Shallow, Flat, Chop, Small Waves
Topsail Island / Topsail Beach (ocean) S, SSW, SW Shallow, Flat, Chop, Small Waves

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