Learning Kiteboarding
Learning Kiteboarding – I had the opportunity to head back to my hometown for a long weekend to visit with my family. I was originally planning on traveling back a couple weeks prior, but Hurricane Florence decided to visit North Carolina the day my flight was supposed to leave. I had to postpone the trip
Kiteboarding lessons
Kiteboarding Lessons – The 2018 kiteboarding lesson season is upon us! We are excited at the possibility of showing you why we are passionate about what we do. We have poured everything we have into developing a kiteboarding lesson program that utilizes helmet radio communication and the most advanced equipment to make you a success
Emerald Isle Kitesurfing Downwinder
Emerald Isle Kitesurfing Downwinder We ended January in the most epic of ways, a downwinder from Coast Guard Point in Emerald Isle. We headed east down the island for 8 miles, taking in the beautiful coastline that we call our home. There was hardly a soul on the beach; it looked like an uninhabited island.
Kitesurfing Emerald Isle
Kitesurfing Emerald Isle – For every other person in the Crystal Coast area, it was just a normal Tuesday in late November; for us kitesurfers, it was a special day. It wasn’t too different from any other day apart from the forecast. We had warm southerly wind and relatively warm water. A key aspect of
Kiteboarding Travel
Kiteboarding Travel – “The Kitecation” I sit here on the third floor of a 12-bedroom house that overlooks the Pamlico Sound. Except for my Dad, each person that fills this house I know because of kiteboarding. I couldn’t have guessed that eight years after I had taken my first kiteboarding lesson, I would end up
Emerald Isle, NC Paddleboarding
Emerald Isle NC paddleboarding – Our humpback whale experience On October 25th, we loaded up our beach truck with some paddleboards intending to find a surf break in Emerald Isle. If you are wondering why I said beach truck instead of truck, picture a 1985 Ford F-150 with rust accents. It’s really more a piece
We were daydreaming of kitesurfing in turquoise water while blasting down I-95 headed for the Sunshine state. We listened to mix CD’s and had some concern whether the paddleboards would remain on the roof or not. Looking around at the internal contents of the van you will see Sarah in the passenger seat, anything water
If you are looking for Kitesurfing lessons in Atlantic Beach – Emerald Isle, NC area then your long search is over, assuming of course you have been searching for a long time. Whether it has been a long search, or just a quick look on google, we assure you that we have the perfect training
On the east coast of North Carolina there is a spot for kiteboarding the envelops beauty and wonder. The island which runs from East to West is an unusual spot for the east coast. As you look out at the Atlantic Ocean you are facing South which makes for some pretty good summer surf conditions.
2013 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Demo – Atlantic Beach – Emerald Isle, NC
Blown Kiteboarding is hosting another Cabrinha Kiteboarding demo in Atlantic Beach, NC . The destination will be in Fort Macon State park, on picnic park drive. The dates are on April 5th and 6th, time to be determined by the wind, but tenatively at 10am until 6pm on Firday and 10am to 4pm on Saturday.