What are you waiting for? Most likely you have already seen it in action. You have asked yourself the question, would I be able to do it? It has been at the back of your mind for some time now, but for one reason or another it has stayed there. Its time to get it
Something truly amazing; watching the sun drop into a large body of water. Watching the atmosphere change different colors, the sun sinking, burning, lighting the water on fire. Burning a hole through your eyes as you cannot remove them from its beauty. Now imagine watching this from the water while the wind is your chariot.
Is Kiteboarding Safe? The sport of kiteboarding is taking leaps and bounds in the realm of safety. The equipment has evolved from some primitive type contraptions that always pulled and never wanted to relaunch, into something that is completely safe and dependable. The recent advancements in bar technology alone have been extremely important to the
Damien LeRoy brought all of Cabrinha kites new products for Blown Kiteboarding to try out; here is what we thought about the Cabrinha Drifter. The Drifter was designed to be a wave kite and it certainly excels in that area! We were fortunate enough to have some surf, and a Cabrinha Skillit to use, which
We got the chance to try all of the new 2012 Cabrinha Kites. Here is our review of the Cabrinha Vector which should be available soon. We were supprised to see a hybrid design with the Cabrinha name on it, but there was no mistaking it, the wingtips make a sharp turn with an unmistakable
Come one, come all, to an event that’ll be a ball. Professional kiteboarder and Cabrinha Team rider Damien Leroy will grace our beaches with his fantastic style and charm. Come on out and try new gear that has yet to be released. Enjoy fun in the sun and talk kites and gear. Get your hands
Looking for some awesome Kiteboarding locations? Atlantic Beach, North Carolina offers some great kiteboarding. Heading out on the main beach, you can put in at several points and do some long downwinders. The beach runs East-West so it is very unique for the East Coast. Looking out at the water you are looking due South.
Kiteboarding is one of the most aesthetically pleasing sports there is on the planet. People see it and are hooked before they even try it. Watching the sport as an onlooker, it seems like a ballet on water. The dance does not happen with another individual, but with a kite. The kite is the dance