Imagine yourself with a host of friends and family Stand Up paddleboarding through a beautiful creek just off of the Bogue Sound. Located right on Broad Creek, we are just a short distance from Emerald Isle, NC. Take the drive over the bridge to find a hidden paradise. If the conditions are right and it
After getting our hands on the 2013 Liquid Force Envy we took it out in the surf and the flat water to figure out how the kite would handle in each area. The new Envy is very similar to the 2012 with some small changes to the kite and the bar. This kite is great
The 2013 Cabrinha Switchblade has undergone a major design change for the first time in years. If you have been a fan of the Cabrinha Switchblade like we have, this may make you nervous. How can you improve on a kite that does so many things so well? We had a chance to compare the
  Having had a chance to check out the brand new 2013 Cabrinha Chaos we thought we would give you our opinion on the kite. This kite is the answer for anyone out there looking for competition style riding. If Freestyle and unhooking is what you are after in this sport, then the 2013 Cabrinha
We have had the chance to spend some time on the 2013 Cabrinha Vector and would like to give you our honest feedback on the kite. There have been changes to the kite since 2012 and we will note what we noticed while comparing the two. First we would like to say the new colors
Mark your calendars for the kiteboarding event of a lifetime. Actually you probably wont have to mark your calendars because it is only a week away. We may be overselling it a bit by saying it will be the event of a lifetime, but a good time is sure to be had. On August 24th
Living The Dream – Kiteboarding Recently I was reflecting upon my life. There have been many periods of happiness and sadness that I can look back upon. On each occasion there has been an event, or an action that lead me to that place. The place it took me was only dependent upon how much
What are you waiting for? Most likely you have already seen it in action. You have asked yourself the question, would I be able to do it? It has been at the back of your mind for some time now, but for one reason or another it has stayed there. Its time to get it
Something truly amazing; watching the sun drop into a large body of water. Watching the atmosphere change different colors, the sun sinking, burning, lighting the water on fire. Burning a hole through your eyes as you cannot remove them from its beauty. Now imagine watching this from the water while the wind is your chariot.
Is Kiteboarding Safe? The sport of kiteboarding is taking leaps and bounds in the realm of safety. The equipment has evolved from some primitive type contraptions that always pulled and never wanted to relaunch, into something that is completely safe and dependable. The recent advancements in bar technology alone have been extremely important to the
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