Cabrinha Kiteboarding Demo in Atlantic Beach, NC

Cabrinha Kiteboarding Demo Atlantic Beach, NC –

Blown Kiteboarding would like to invite you to our 5th annual Cabrinha Kiteboarding demo on October 13th 2015 in Atlantic Beach. Professional kiteboarder and Cabrinha team rider Evan Netsch will be here to showcase all of the new gear and his signature strapless surf-style riding. You will not want to miss this opportunity to try new gear, meet new people, and have a great time. If you are not a kiteboarder and just want to see some people throwing down, please come!

Right now, the forecast is looking epic. The marine forecast is calling for 15 to 20kts, but computer models are showing gusts over 25kts by the afternoon. This will be a great opportunity for anyone thinking about getting into the sport to see what it is all about. We will have a host of excellent riders that will be throwing down with the best of them. We will also have a lot of beginners that are learning the ropes. Whatever your skill level, get over to Atlantic Beach, NC to see this awesome spectacle.

We plan on meeting in the public parking lot to the west of The Crabs Claw restaurant. The start time will be 12pm until Evan has to leave somewhere around 5ish (maybe later if we can convince him). It is also worth mentioning that this demo will be filmed and parts of it may air on national television. If you are looking to become a Hollywood star, this may be your chance! To be honest, it’s not too likely. Regardless of your success as a film star, this will be something worth attending. We hope to see you at the beach. Call or email us with any questions at 252-269-9843 or email


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