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Kiteboarding Lesson Center
Located in the Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, NC area. We have one of the best shallow, flat water teaching locations on the East Coast. Waist deep, flat water that extends several miles creating the perfect training ground for learning the sport of kiteboarding.

Lesson Program
Building on the experience of those who have gone on before us, we have taken key elements and adapted a teaching program that works great for motivating people to become independent Kiteboarders. Beginner to expert, whatever level you are at, we can help improve your riding.

Have no Experience at all?
We are excited to work with people who have never attempted the sport. We believe the most important aspect of learning the sport of kiteboarding is safety. Learning how to operate the safety system and how to execute all safety procedures is of maximum importance with the sport of kiteboarding. We are up to date on all of the latest teaching methods and regularly evaluate our teaching program to test how effective it is with all of our valued customers.

Kiteboarding Lessons Last 3 hrs
Students are to arrive by 9:30 am for the morning lesson and 1:40 pm for the afternoon lesson. Please be on time and be sure to account for “Island traffic.” We leave by boat so space is limited to those taking lessons only. We would love to take you all, but cant always fit everyone. If you have an extra that would like to watch, please ask if there is space available.

Foilboarding lessons last 2 hours
If you have mastered the sport of kiteboarding and are looking for something new and exciting, this option may be for you. Learning the foil is quite challenging, so you must have one year of kiteboarding experience before doing a foilboarding lesson. Follow the link to find out more information and book online or call us at 252-269-9843

Ticket To Ride – Cick Here To Read TTR Rules
Unlike the Beatles song, we’ve got a ticket to ride, and we do care! We shuttle you out to our top secret location (not so secret) where you will enjoy a lot of different conditions. Ride on the back side of Blown Island and experience butter flat water. Fall off of your board in the middle of the sound and be in waist deep water. Feel the comfort of having someone watch out for you while you enjoy the freedom of kiteboarding. Purchase your ticket to ride today ($25 cost)! This option is for independent kiteboarders who can ride up wind. Call for details & availability – (252) 269-9843


  • 1 Person$275
  • 2 People$400
  • 3 People$550
  • 4 People$700
  • 5 People$850
  • 6 People$1000

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