Kiteboarding lessons in North Carolina –

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced kiteboarder; we have the experience to help you progress safely. We have taught thousands of lessons and have helped countless people get over the learning curve to become independent kiteboarders. That is always our goal; your independence is at the forefront of our minds. Teaching you how to be a safe and proficient kiteboarder is what we do.

North Carolina is often referred to as the crutch. Many areas do not have the shallow water teaching locations that we have here, which makes learning a breeze. We can progress you faster than many areas around the world. In fact, it takes about half the time over learning in a deep-water location. Recognizing this asset we have in our back yard, we use it to our full advantage. We have designed an accelerated lesson program to work with your natural progression.

The first lesson is always the same. We start you off on the beach and teach you set up and safety. The most important aspect of the sport is learning the safety system. We teach you the safety system and continue to use it throughout your progression. It takes time and practice to get proficient in the sport of kiteboarding, it also takes time and practice to get proficient using the safety system and performing a self rescue. We always tell people its never a good time to practice in an emergency. You want to be practiced and proficient. We will get you there.

After learning the safety system the Coach will help you hold the kite and they will launch it off of the beach. Once you are standing in waist deep water, we will instruct you how to steer and control the kite, and then we will pass it to you. Once you have grasped the concept of how to sheet and steer the kite we work you through several steps in an effort to get you on the board. Those steps include transitioning the wind window one handed, body drag tack, the power stroke, and then we go for a board. We always end the first several lessons with a self-rescue in the water. It is always our goal to get you on the board in the first lesson, but only if that can be done safely.

If you have any questions at all on our lessons or you would like to book a lesson please feel free to email our call. You can use the contact us page to email, or call 252.269.9843. We also have an online booking calendar, but the calendar does not always reflect our actual bookings. Thank you for your consideration in choosing us to lead you into this amazing sport. We are honored to be your guide into this amazing new life outlet. Until we see you on the water, be good to you!

Blown Ktieboarding Team.




  • 1 Person$300
  • 2 People$450
  • 3 People$600

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