Beaufort NC Kiteboarding Lessons

Beaufort NC Kiteboarding Lessons –

Your destiny is at your fingertips, literally. Picture you propelling across the water using the power created by nature. You are in control of that power. You harness it to move in four different directions; upwind, downwind, and crosswind (left and right). You have never been more present, more in the moment than right now. You are not thinking about work, about the stresses of life, you are just there, completely present. The chatter is gone and the freshness of the environment is firing your spirit. Does this sound like something you need in your life? Let me answer the question for you. Yes, yes you do.

I am not sure when the revelation occurred for me, but I realized that I was the person that held me back from those things I wanted to do. I was the one who set the limits. Once I recognized this within myself I opened myself up to new experiences. Kiteboarding is a challenge in the beginning and it does not always come easy. However, the experience and the journey are absolutely worthwhile. It is the best thing I have ever given to myself. I allowed myself to be humbled, to take direction, to look silly at times, all so I could experience the amazing thing that kiteboarding is, freedom.

I created Blown Kiteboarding as an avenue to harness your energy. We put that into a format to help guide you into the sport using your previous life experiences. Every person is different, they learn in a different way. We take the program that we have outlined and we adapt it to your needs, we progress at your speed, to help you overcome and overtake this amazing sport. We would love the opportunity to show you why we value our position in being your guide into a new way of living. Feel free to call or email with any questions you may have. Until then, enjoy the adventure of life!

Our teaching location

Taking a walk up the beach with her coach

Rigging up

Helmet radio communication

Shallow water for miles

Wide open spaces


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