Living The Dream – Kiteboarding Recently I was reflecting upon my life. There have been many periods of happiness and sadness that I can look back upon. On each occasion there has been an event, or an action that lead me to that place. The place it took me was only dependent upon how much
What are you waiting for? Most likely you have already seen it in action. You have asked yourself the question, would I be able to do it? It has been at the back of your mind for some time now, but for one reason or another it has stayed there. Its time to get it
Something truly amazing; watching the sun drop into a large body of water. Watching the atmosphere change different colors, the sun sinking, burning, lighting the water on fire. Burning a hole through your eyes as you cannot remove them from its beauty. Now imagine watching this from the water while the wind is your chariot.
Come on out and learn how to kitesurf in the beautiful Carolinas. Blown Kiteboarding has the leading program in the Emerald Isle – Atlantic Beach, NC area. We have developed personalized lessons to help advance you to become independent kitesurfers. Feel confident with certified coaches that will be able to teach you exactly how to
On the east coast of North Carolina there is a spot for kiteboarding the envelops beauty and wonder. The island, which runs from East to West, is an unusual spot for the east coast. As you look out at the Atlantic Ocean you are facing South which makes for some pretty good summer surf conditions.
Emerald Isle, NC Paddleboard Rental – Imagine yourself with a host of friends and family paddling through a beautiful creek just off of the Bogue Sound. Located right on Broad Creek, we are just a short distance from Emerald Isle, NC. Take the drive over the bridge to find a hidden paradise. If the conditions
2012 Liquid Force Envy Package Liquid Force has stepped up the build quality and graphics on all 2012 kiteboarding gear. The Liquid Force Envy was redesigned to have rock solid stability, directional float, pivotal turning and effortless re-launch. These features highlight the Envy’s “beyond delta” design for all around performance.This ultra lightweight three-strut platform gives
Is Kiteboarding Safe? The sport of kiteboarding is taking leaps and bounds in the realm of safety. The equipment has evolved from some primitive type contraptions that always pulled and never wanted to relaunch, into something that is completely safe and dependable. The recent advancements in bar technology alone have been extremely important to the
Damien LeRoy brought all of Cabrinha kites new products for Blown Kiteboarding to try out; here is what we thought about the Cabrinha Drifter. The Drifter was designed to be a wave kite and it certainly excels in that area! We were fortunate enough to have some surf, and a Cabrinha Skillit to use, which
We got the chance to try all of the new 2012 Cabrinha Kites. Here is our review of the Cabrinha Vector which should be available soon. We were supprised to see a hybrid design with the Cabrinha name on it, but there was no mistaking it, the wingtips make a sharp turn with an unmistakable