The all-new 2014 Ozone Catalyst kite is out and we thought we would give you our opinion on its performance. Having been impressed with the 2013 Catalyst, we were anxious to get out and test its performance. We wont keep you waiting; we were impressed with the kite. If you keep reading, you will find
Picture yourself getting into your car early in the morning after looking at the wind forecast. The afternoon shows there will be a strong sea breeze, so you are heading out to chase down the wind. In your arsenal you have a couple of kites, a couple of boards, and a determination to let go
Discounted kiteboarding Lessons for the month of April We are offering discounted kiteboarding lessons for the month of April. Our lesson discounts are for one, two and three person lessons. The water temperature has just passed the 60-degree mark, so a wetsuit is a must. We do have a few available to use, but please
Emerald Isle Paddleboarding – We headed to Emerald Isle to do some paddle boarding on a warm day in January. I use the word warm in a relative way; it was still 50 degrees, with a water temp in the 40’s. We piled our SUP’s into our truck and headed for Coast Guard Point. We had
On January 20th seven of us set out to do some kite surfing in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. Our mission was to go from the Iron Steamer to Fort Macon, a distance of seven miles. We met at the Fort, piled into a truck, and then headed to the Steamer. When we arrived at the
On a warm day in January a group of us set out to do some kitesurfing in Emerald Isle, NC. Storms were on the way in the afternoon so we set out to arrive at the beach by 10am. It was forecasted to blow 20 to 30mph, which got all of our blood pumping. We
We were daydreaming of kitesurfing in turquoise water while blasting down I-95 headed for the Sunshine state. We listened to mix CD’s and had some concern whether the paddleboards would remain on the roof or not. Looking around at the internal contents of the van you will see Sarah in the passenger seat, anything water
We had the chance to test the 2014 15 meter Cabrinha Contra and would like to give you some feedback on its performance. The Contra kite comes with a larger size bar with a longer line set. This will help with the turning speed of such a large kite, plus increase the scope of the
2014 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Demo September 14th of 2013 Update: We have moved the day of the kiteboarding demo to Saturday, September 14th from 12pm to 5pm. The wind is looking like it will work out and should give you an opportunity to try out the new gear. This update was made on 9-11-2013. To all fellow kiters
How can you improve on a kite that was so fantastically redesigned last year? We were interested to see what Cabrinha would do for the 2014 season. There have been some small design changes to the switchblade and a major design change to the bar. We will talk about a few things to note for