Rigging A Kiteboarding Kite
Rigging a kiteboarding kite. In this article we will focus on attaching the lines to a pigtail. This is a standard method whether you are attaching it to a leading edge inflatable, or a foil kite. At the end of the line you will find a loop.   Push the solid part through the loop.
Kiteboarding Cedar Island – After watching the forecast for a couple of days we had our eye on May 1st for a kiteboarding session at Cedar Island, North Carolina. A large portion of the sport of kiteboarding is religiously checking the weather. Any true kite addict does this continuously and constantly. Whether this obsessive behavior
Kiteboarding kite Launching – There are a several methods on how to launch a kite. We will discuss the safest way to perform an assisted launch. An assisted launch is where someone will hold your kite while you are at the control bar. Most people will hook into the bar, hook up their safety leash,
2015 Cabrinha FX Kiteboarding Kite
2015 Cabrinha FX kiteboarding kite – After waiting some time to get our hands on the new kite from Cabrinha, we finally got a chance to try it in some varying conditions. We used a 10m in winds that started out around 17 knots and picked up to over 30 knots by the evening. This
Kiteboarding Crystal Coast – Welcome to the Wild Wild East. Somewhere near the land of plenty, there lies a land that is untamed by many a kiter. There is a land that begs for exploration by the person with an adventurist spirit. We are all well aware of the path that leads to the Outer
Kiteboarding, the fog session – Just four days into the new year and we scored a nice kiteboarding session in Emerald Isle, NC. Many of us were watching the forecast (this is something kiteboarders do to a fault) to see if the rain would hold off long enough for us to play. On Sunday morning
Kiteboarding Lessons are in full swing at Blown Kiteboarding’s training grounds in the Bogue Sound. We have an unbeatable flat-water location that is perfect for great kite boarding lessons. Come on out and join in the fun! This season we have seen a lot of people come to us with no experience at all and
Kitesurfing North Carolina – On June 3rd of 2014, I was contacted by a friend of mine. He asked if I wanted to get out in the Atlantic Ocean to do a down-winder. When posed with this question and no afternoon obligations, there is only one possible answer, YES! I answered his text from our
The all-new 2014 Ozone Catalyst kite is out and we thought we would give you our opinion on its performance. Having been impressed with the 2013 Catalyst, we were anxious to get out and test its performance. We wont keep you waiting; we were impressed with the kite. If you keep reading, you will find
Picture yourself getting into your car early in the morning after looking at the wind forecast. The afternoon shows there will be a strong sea breeze, so you are heading out to chase down the wind. In your arsenal you have a couple of kites, a couple of boards, and a determination to let go