Emerald Isle Kitesurfing Downwinder
Emerald Isle Kitesurfing Downwinder We ended January in the most epic of ways, a downwinder from Coast Guard Point in Emerald Isle. We headed east down the island for 8 miles, taking in the beautiful coastline that we call our home. There was hardly a soul on the beach; it looked like an uninhabited island.
Kiteboarding Road Trip
Kiteboarding Road Trip – It’s a crazy thing to have no plans to do something, then just take off, and go. Spontaneity has not necessarily always been my thing, but I have been learning about experiencing life in a different way for the last decade. You envision where you think your life will be at
Kitesurfing Emerald Isle
Kitesurfing Emerald Isle – For every other person in the Crystal Coast area, it was just a normal Tuesday in late November; for us kitesurfers, it was a special day. It wasn’t too different from any other day apart from the forecast. We had warm southerly wind and relatively warm water. A key aspect of
Beaufort NC Kiteboarding Lessons
Beaufort NC Kiteboarding Lessons If you are visiting the Crystal Coast and happen to be staying in the Beaufort area, we encourage you to try your hand at kiteboarding. Beaufort inlet is an amazing place to view the true beauty that encompasses our coast. Kiteboarding in the inlet is also amazing for people who know
Emerald Isle Kiteboarding Lessons
Emerald Isle Kiteboarding Lessons- The 2016 season has begun and we are now teaching lessons. We have had some great lessons to start the season with fast progression using our helmet radio system. We can get you the results you are after by using constant communication while you are on the go. While using the
Key West Kiteboarding trip
Key West Kiteboarding Trip – Click here for Previous Article We arrived in Marathon and met Chris at his sailboat, which is where we were camping out for the next 9 days. I am not sure Chris knew what he was getting into when he extended an invite to Derek and I. He got to
Florida Keys Kiteboaring Trip
Florida Keys Kiteboarding Trip – Click here for previos article We started out on the road early from Homestead Florida, which is where we stopped the previous evening. We woke up and immediately noticed the wind. This gave us the motivation to get focused enough to point the truck in the direction of the Florida
Florida Kiteboarding Road Trip
Florida Kiteboarding Road Trip – 1 Feeling the need to escape from the North Carolina winter, Derek Loomis and I (Michael Schrems), decided to take a road trip to Florida. We had three goals in mind for this trip: search for wind, find new kiting locations, and meet new people. The most exciting part of
Kiteboarding Travel
Kiteboarding Travel – “The Kitecation” I sit here on the third floor of a 12-bedroom house that overlooks the Pamlico Sound. Except for my Dad, each person that fills this house I know because of kiteboarding. I couldn’t have guessed that eight years after I had taken my first kiteboarding lesson, I would end up
Wind Meter Installation
Wind Meter Installation – In our pursuit to deliver the best service possible, we have collaboratively installed a wind meter on Blown Island. This would not have been possible without the help of The Wind Op. Most of their wind meters are overseas, but they are working at getting them placed around the United States.
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