Atlantic Beach NC Kiteboarding

On the east coast of North Carolina there is a spot for kiteboarding the envelops beauty and wonder. The island which runs from East to West is an unusual spot for the east coast. As you look out at the Atlantic Ocean you are facing South which makes for some pretty good summer surf conditions.

The Atlantic Beach, NC Kiteboarding scene is still very much in its infancy. When the wind is blowing you will see just a few kites coming down the beach doing some down winders, but the sky is relatively kite-less. It is our mission at Blown Kiteboarding to show the worldwide kiting community what an awesome spot this Island is for kiteboarding.

Atlantic Beach North Carolina offers plenty of beaches to choose from to head out on the water. There is only one restricted area for kites during the summer and this is due to the large amounts of beach-goers. Besides The Circle you are free to put up a kite and head out where you wish.

Once in the ocean you will truly fall in love with this beautiful part of North Carolina. You will frequently see dolphins swimming up and down the shoreline. Depending on the time of the year, it is possible to see the moon rise, and the sunset at the same time over the water. Until you have seen that sight from under the power of a kite, your kiteboarding destination check list will be lacking. Head out for the East Coast of North Carolina and find out why it is soon to be the spot for kiteboarding.

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