2020 Costa Rica Kiteboarding vacation 2020 Costa Rica Kiteboarding vacation

2020 Costa Rica Kiteboarding vacation –

After returning home from an epic 14-day kiteboarding vacation in Costa Rica, I find it daunting to put into words the experience our group had with Blue Dream Kiteboarding Resort. I will do my best to try to capture the magic of Costa Rica without writing a novel. I apologize if this is long winded; pun intended!

Prior to our departure I had been watching the forecast for about a month. I was shocked to see the amazing colors on my wind app that I was not used to seeing. It appeared the forecast rarely dropped below 25-35 kts. As our departure date drew nearer, it was looking like the start of our trip was going to be absolutely nuking. The forecast was looking like 35-45 kts the first 4 days of our trip, then dropping to 25-35 kts for the next 4-5 days. As a seasoned kiteboarder with a love for boosting big air, I was beyond excited and aimed to try to get on the water the day we arrived.

We landed at Liberia International Airport (LIR) on January 15th around 12:30 in the afternoon. We had to make it through customs, retrieve our bags and then drive the 1:15 minutes to where Blue Dream was located near Bahia Salinas bay. I estimated we would be there by 3pm which would give us time to assemble our gear and ride. Luckily everything went seamlessly from landing, customs, rental car retrieval, and finally getting on the road. It’s worth noting the Costa Ricans helped facilitate our smooth arrival with their genuine personalities and sincere desire to be helpful without expecting something in return. It was truly refreshing.

After journeying through the countryside of Costa Rica, we arrived at Blue Dream right at 3pm. The drive there is desolate and absolutely stunning. There are grassy fields on the sides of mountains that have a rolling landscape that reminds you of a time when things were simple and easy. The roads were well maintained until you get closer to the rugged area where Blue Dream is located, but overall, we felt completely safe traveling.

We stopped in and chatted with Nicola (owner) about the riding spot and got the keys to our room. He also gave us a key to the gate of the kiting location. He pays a local farmer to have access to the land so you can drive up and park right on the beach. The set-up he has worked out cannot be beat. You can tell he has worked hard to make things simple and easy for his guests. For example; he has a shuttle that runs to the beach twice a day, and a restaurant on the property that also delivers your lunch to the beach at 1pm everyday. You make your lunch selection while you’re having breakfast. The food is authentic and top notch. I cannot say enough about this operation, but I will have to move onto the kiting, because I could spend hours talking about the service provided by this eclectic group of people.

We got our boards assembled on day one and headed to the beach for a sunset session. We traversed our way across the fields to get to the kiting location. In route, we encountering a lot of cows, which made the trip even more eventful. Getting through the last gate we could see kites in the air and my heart started to race a little. We parked and darted out on the beach to catch our first glimpse of something truly remote and beautiful. There is a small hut on the beach with hammocks tied under it and there is plenty of area to set up your kite. As you look across Salinas Bay, you see a large mountainous island with a sandy beach on it. Looking further to the north west, you are looking at the hills of Nicaragua.

After gawking lustily at the beautiful location, those of us aiming to get in the water for a sunset session set out to set up. I set up a 7m kite and got out for a little over an hour until the sun fell behind the mountains and the sky turned several shades of pink. The water felt warm and the wind was strong. Each time I sent my kite and I took off for flight, I remembered why I so passionately love the sport of kiteboarding, why I have given my entire life and existence to the sport. It literally breathes life into my spirit, it fuels the person that I am at my core and allows me to be a more effective human being. All this in the first hour of kiting!

I traveled to Costa Rica with some of my favorite humans. We all met through kiting and more specifically Blown Kiteboarding. This small group spent the next 11 days getting up early, spending the entire day on the water and going to bed fulfilled and exhausted. We made lasting memories and strengthened our friendships with each other and found out more about ourselves.

During one particular morning I was on the water early and I was looking around the bay. I was surrounded by mountains and the sun was shining bright. I had the thought that I was there taking part in this amazing experience with these beautiful people because of one decision that I made in 2007. That one seemingly small decision completely changed my life. I thought about how one little decision can greatly impact your life in either direction. Kiteboarding has given me the ability to seek out the adventure in life and reach a part of me that I didn’t even know was there. It helped me to connect the dots to the inner me that wanted to travel, wanted to seek out nature, and be the best me possible. There are many avenues out there that can lead one to a place like this, but for me, its kiteboarding.

I think about all of the people who are bored in their lives, who feel like there is this gnawing sensation within them that they cannot figure out. They fail to look further. I think about how one small decision at a time we reach those places in our lives and one small decision at a time we leave those places in our lives. Right now, if there is something in your life that is blocking you from the true you, let go of it and grab onto something that will connect and fuel the inner you.

To me, kiteboarding is not just a sport. It is an avenue for introspection. The travel I do is not just for fun, it’s to check in with myself and to experience life the way that I always yearned to prior to the second week of July in 2007. If what I said here speaks to you and you are interested in taking part in an experience like this, please feel free to email us. If you do not have experience and you want to give kiteboarding a try, please reach out, we would love to guide you into this amazing sport. Until then, be good to you!



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