2014 Cabrinha kiteboarding Demo September 14th

2014 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Demo September 14th of 2013

Update: We have moved the day of the kiteboarding demo to Saturday, September 14th from 12pm to 5pm. The wind is looking like it will work out and should give you an opportunity to try out the new gear. This update was made on 9-11-2013.

To all fellow kiters and new gear enthusiasts, Its time to get your hands on some 2014 Cabrinha gear. We are hosting our annual Cabrinha kiteboarding demo. The gear that we will have is for experienced kiters only, but all are welcome to come and check it out. If you are able to ride up wind, then you are able to try the new kites for free.

Pro rider Evan Netsch will be on hand to answer any questions about the new gear and do a little showing off at times. The arsenal of gear he will be carrying include the following products;


Lots of Cabrinha Switchblades, Drifters, and Chaos kites.  Should have a Vector and a Contra 15 or 18m as well.  New adjustable on the fly bars.


Tronic:135,  Xcaliber carbon: 135,  custom: 136, Sufboards; Skillet 5-6 trigger 5-8 and more.

This year we are excited about the new changes to the bar and also the elimination of some pulleys on the bridles. Cabrinha is the industry leader in quality and innovation. This is your chance to see the best, experience the best and hang with the rest. Not to say the rest isn’t the best, you get what we are tying to say, be there!

Where is there? We have two locations picked out based on wind direction. If the wind is anywhere from the East around to the West we will be at the Atlantic Beach Circle, parking by the Crabs Claw Restaurant. If the wind is out of the from NW around to ENE, we will be at Cedar Island to the East of the ferry landing.

If you have any questions regarding the demo please call 252.269.9843, or email us at info@blownkiteboarding.com Look forward to seeing you on the water!


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