2013 Ozone Catalyst Kite

We got the opportunity to test out and review the 2013 Ozone Catalyst in some light wind. Blowing only 10 to 13 knots we were truly able to check out the low end performance of Ozones most versatile all around kiteboarding kite. Lets just say we were more than impressed!

First off, it should be stated how nice it was to get an oversized bag, making it much easier to pack the kite after a long session. On the inside of the bag there is a sheath for the bar to be stored, which will keep your kite safe from the bar. The bar and lines will be safe from snares and snags if your hiking into your favorite kiting spot, nice thinking Ozone!

The 2013 Ozone control bar is well built and ergonomically molded to fit the contour of your hands, which adds to your comfort on the water. The bar we used for the 14m was a 54cm control bar with 25m lines. The below the bar swivel works well keeping your center lines un-spun, if they do spin up you can manually spin them out. The safety system is up to date, running through the bar connecting to one center line causing the kite to flag quickly.

Pumping up the 2013 Ozone Catalyst was no problem with their high volume inflate/deflate valve. Looking closely at the kite you can see it is designed and constructed with careful calculation. There are absolutely no pulleys on the kite at all which gives it a direct feel and also alleviates any chance of having a pulley break after heavy usage.

Immediately after launching the kite you can see how stable it is with the wind filling the canopy completely without any fluttering. Diving the kite to get on the board you will see that for a big kite it carries a lot of speed, while retaining low end power. Getting upwind in a light breeze did not seem to be a problem, when the wind gets light the speed of the kite easily works itself back into the power.

Wanting to see the versatility of the Catalyst, we made sure we did some boosting, some looping, and some unhooking. Boosting in light wind is always a bit of a challenge, but the Catalyst comes across the window quickly pulling you off of the water. Having relatively light bar pressure you are still able to feel the kites performance in the bar, which is indispensable once you start getting some elevation. The kite loops good turning near its axis generating as much power as you would want. Unhooking while riding the kite seemed stable and predictable without any back-stalling.

Overall we were excited with the smooth flight characteristics and feel of the kite. Having so many options out there to choose from, we would recommend this kite to anyone looking for a quality, high end kite. Ozone appears to be a force to be reckoned with, so we decided to align ourselves with them and make Ozone a part of our family. Feel free to email us with any questions at info@blownkiteboarding.com or you can call us directly at 252-269-9843.

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