2013 Cabrinha Vector Review

We have had the chance to spend some time on the 2013 Cabrinha Vector and would like to give you our honest feedback on the kite. There have been changes to the kite since 2012 and we will note what we noticed while comparing the two. First we would like to say the new colors this year look great in the air!

The 2013 Cabrinha Vector’s turning speed has been slowed down a bit since the 2012 kite. The kite has a very predictable feel to it and the bar pressure is light with that silky smooth feel of a Cabrinha kite. There is no mistaking the hybrid design of the kite noting the wingtips taking a sharp turn to present the C like shape, but the rest if the kite up to that point has a bow like look to it.

One thing we were amazed at with this kite is how fast it will get you up wind. There is no denying a huge improvement in upwind ability from the 2012 Cabrinha Vector to the 2013. Another improvement made for the 2013 Cabrinha Vector is the low end power that was just a bit lacking in the first year model. The 2013 definitely has a bit more low end power.

We got out on this kite and rode it hard. We put it down in the water on several occasions and it popped right back up in the air with zero effort. We looped the kite doing downloops and forward loops and noticed that it generates a lot of power in a loop. Once the kite has gone through the rotation it tends to head towards the top of the window, but we were really happy with the power it generated.

Being aware of the tremendous cost of getting into the sport of kiteboarding, Cabrinha has attempted to keep the cost on this kite low. They have stripped down the bag leaving it with one strap and just an inside pocket for your repair kit. There are no outside pockets for the bar or anything else, but the bag is bigger than a normal Cabrinha bag. The kite is also sold without a pump to keep the cost down. If you are buying multiple kites this will help out.

Finally, who is this kite for? The great thing about the 2013 Cabrinha Vector is anyone can ride it. It easily used in the surf as well as flat water, it is fully capable of progressing someone in this sport without having to grow out of the kite. We think you will be extremely happy with the 2013 Cabrinha Vector and would be glad to answer any of your questions regarding this kite, or any other Cabrinha Product. Just enter your info in the upper right hand corner of this page. Send a message and we will respond to you within 24hrs. We hope this article has helped.

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