2013 Cabrinha Chaos Review


Having had a chance to check out the brand new 2013 Cabrinha Chaos we thought we would give you our opinion on the kite. This kite is the answer for anyone out there looking for competition style riding. If Freestyle and unhooking is what you are after in this sport, then the 2013 Cabrinha Chaos is what you want.

The Cabrinha Chaos is one of the fastest turning kites in the Cabinha lineup, but is a bit slower then the drifter. The bar pressure is lighter than the switchblade and the Vector. It has great upwind abilities flying further ahead in the wind window rocketing you up wind with ease. This kite is excellent for kite loops and has a great high end.

We would like to remind anyone considering the Chaos that it is designed for the the advanced freestyle market, if this is not you, then this may not be the kite for you. The 2013 Chaos kite will relaunch just by pulling on a line, but it is going to be a little bit harder to get out of the water then the rest of Cabrinhas line up.

We hope we have given you a little bit of insight into the great new bridled C kite from Cabrinha. It flies just like a 5 line C kite without the 5th line. If you have more questions regarding this kite, please feel free to send us a message in the upper right hand corner of this page.

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