2012 Cabrinha Drifter Kite

Damien LeRoy brought all of Cabrinha kites new products for Blown Kiteboarding to try out; here is what we thought about the Cabrinha Drifter. The Drifter was designed to be a wave kite and it certainly excels in that area! We were fortunate enough to have some surf, and a Cabrinha Skillit to use, which by the way is a fantastic combination!

The Cabrinha Drifter is named adequately; as you run down the line it seems to just sit there and drift with you. We have tested other kites that backstall when you run at them, but the Cabrinha Drifter will continue to drift back downwind. No more accidentally back-stalling your kite in the surf from getting too caught in the moment on that perfect wave!

Kite placement is always an important part of riding waves. The Cabrinha Drifter will allow you to focus more on the surf, than the kite. The turning speed is responsive with light to moderate bar pressure. The kite loops quickly and depowers easily, which is exactly what you want with a wave kite. No more getting pulled off of your board for looping to soon.

Our summation is this; If your area of expertise is the surf and you spend countless hours doing just that, then this is without a doubt the kite for you. If you spend a majority of your time in the surf and just a little time in flat water, then this is still the kite for you. If your flat water to surf equation is 50/50, you may want to think about the Cabrinha Vector or the Cabrinha Switchblade.

We at Blown Kiteboarding would be happy to help you make the right decison based on your personal riding preferences and also your geographical area. Please feel free to email us with any questions at info@blownkiteboarding.com or follow the link to our home page

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