2015 Cabrinha FX Kiteboarding Kite

2015 Cabrinha FX kiteboarding kite – After waiting some time to get our hands on the new kite from Cabrinha, we finally got a chance to try it in some varying conditions. We used a 10m in winds that started out around 17 knots and picked up to over 30 knots by the evening. This wide range of wind gave us the opportunity to explore both ends of the wind range and how the kite performed in the low and high end.

The Cabrinha FX is a 3-strut kite that has a C shape to it, or as Cabrinha puts it, an expanded C shape. The kite has two battens in the wingtips to lend the canopy stability. This new shape seems to work quite well for explosive pop and powered kiteloops. It was apparent from the first dive of the kite that it was ultra responsive. In the low wind we really had to work the kite to keep power in it, but it’s fast turning ability quickly gets back into the power when you need it.

As the wind continued to increase we got a chance to see how it performed in one of its marketed areas, kiteloops. What we found is the FX delivers amazing power. The kite loops quickly, pivoting on its axis and then returns toward the top of the window. We looped the kite over and over with the same results. The explosive power of this kite is almost alarming at first, but you quickly get used to how it loops. With such a well-designed kite you can come back to the water with a soft landing because it returns so quickly over your head.

Once the wind neared the 25 knot range it was time to see what type of hangtime you could get. We used a woo sports device to track our height and hangtime. We regularly recorded 4 to 5 second jumps having a max of 6.1 seconds and 30 ft. of air. Not too bad at all. Overall we were extremely impressed with the new kite from Cabrinha. It’s always scary to buy a first generation kite, but we can assure you that it excels in the marketed areas that they are trying to capture. If you are an aspiring freestyle rider that wants to focus on big air and kiteloops, this kite is definitely the kite for you. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the new Cabrinha FX. Email us at info@blownkiteboarding.com. We look forward to hearing from you.