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Kiteboarding Lesson Atlantic Beach

Kiteboarding Lesson Atlantic Beach – The season has finally arrived, albeit a bit later than we anticipated with the whole COVID-19 pandemic. We are operating and doing lessons, leaving from our shop on Highway 24 in broad creek. We are excited to get back to the business of teaching people the wonderful sport of kiteboarding.

2020 Costa Rica Kiteboarding vacation

2020 Costa Rica Kiteboarding vacation – After returning home from an epic 14-day kiteboarding vacation in Costa Rica, I find it daunting to put into words the experience our group had with Blue Dream Kiteboarding Resort. I will do my best to try to capture the magic of Costa Rica without writing a novel. I

Beaufort NC Kiteboarding Lessons

Beaufort NC Kiteboarding Lessons – Your destiny is at your fingertips, literally. Picture you propelling across the water using the power created by nature. You are in control of that power. You harness it to move in four different directions; upwind, downwind, and crosswind (left and right). You have never been more present, more in